Debbie Loyd, LPC


My Counseling Approach

I work with a variety of counseling issues and my approach depends on the type of problem and goals. Some problems can be helped in a few sessions by learning new skills or developing new ways of looking at a situation.  Other problems are more difficult and may take several months to resolve and may require deeper exploration and personal development.

I like to work deeply with my clients.  I will not talk you out of feelings but instead will accompany you and help you explore your feelings and where they come from. The counseling relationship itself is very important, and what happens in this relationship can provide additional insight and opportunities for exploration and growth.

With couples counseling, I believe it is important to focus on what works as well as what doesn't work. I usually begin by teaching communication and conflict resolution skills which allows exploration of underlying issues such as power struggles, intimacy difficulties, and how past family experiences affect the relationship today.  I strongly believe that marriage provides a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, and this growth is an important element in strengthening relationships.

My recommendation for premarital counseling is a minimum of four sessions. I give couples a workbook that we then use as we work on expectations, communication, influence of past family experiences, etc. Part of the premarital counseling is an assessment tool which allows me to understand how each of you see yourself and how each of you see the other. The resulting profile helps identify relationship strengths and helps us target issues unique to your relationship that will most enhance your relationship and minimize future problems.

Promoting Personal Growth & Values
Strengthening Marriages

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